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      "Kuestenheimat - Heimat Kueste" - Kulturelle Identitaet in der Trilateralen Wattenmeer-Region [1]
      "Smart" micro/nano container-based self-healing coatings on magnesium alloys: A review [1]
      'Abteilung Radarhydrographie' Broschuere [1]
      'Artificial Ice Core Accumulation' derived from Large-Scale GCM Data: Development and Description of the Regression Model for One North Greenland Ice Core [1]
      'Molecular Modelling in Membrane Science' [1]
      'Molecular Modelling' zur detailliert atomistischen Untersuchung von Pervaporationsmembranen [1]
      (Bio)aktive polymere Materialien [1]
      (Co-)Polyesters Derived from Isosorbide and 1,4-Cyclohexane Dicarboxylic Acid and Succinic Acid [1]
      (Mulfi)funktionalisierte Polymere fuer Anwendungen in der Medizin [1]
      (Multi)functional Polymers and Scaffold Systems for Regenerative Medicine [2]
      (Multi)functional structured hydrogels inspired by ECM [1]
      (Multi)funktionale Polymere und deren Anwendungspotenzial in der Regenerativen Medizin [1]
      (Multi-) Funktional Materials [1]
      (Multi-) Funktionale Materialien und deren Innovationsmaterial in der Medizin [1]
      (Multi-) Funktionale Materialsysteme fuer Anwendungen in der Medizin [1]
      (Multi-) funktionale Polymere [1]
      (Non-) Applicability of some concepts in the near-threshold fatigue crack propagation regime [1]
      (Not concluded) process of BACC - Challenges and perspectives for the future [1]
      1-butene/n-butane Separation using fixed carrier membranes [1]
      1.5°, 2°, and 3° global warming: Visualizing European regions affected by multiple changes [1]