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      B1-Mobilstor: Materials for Sustainable Energy Storage Techniques – Lithium Containing Compounds for Hydrogen and Electrochemical Energy Storage [1]
      B2 order transformation in a Fe - 25 at% Co - 9 at% Mo alloy [1]
      BACC and IPCC - Global and regional assessments of knowledge about climate, climate change and climate impact [1]
      BACC II - Ein neuer regionaler Sachstandsbericht zum Klimawandel im Ostseeraum [1]
      BACC II - Eine wissenschaftliche Bestandsaufnahme des Klimawandels im Ostseeraum [1]
      BACC results: Climate change and impacts [2]
      BACC-II: Summary [1]
      BACC: Assessing knowledge of regional climate change - The example of the Baltic Sea region [1]
      Backfitting measures in the FMRB, FRG-1 and FRG-2 research reactors [1]
      Backfitting of the FRG reactors [1]
      Backfitting-Massnahmen bei den Forschungsreaktoren FMRB, FRG-1 und FRG-2 [1]
      Background and Direction of Monitoring [1]
      Backscatter Characteristics of Nonspherical Ice Crystals: Assessing the Potential of Polarimetric Radar Measurements [1]
      Backscattering of radar waves by non-spherical atmospheric ice crystals: An application of the discrete dipole approximation [1]
      Bacterial attachment on poly[acrylonitrile-co-(2-methyl-2-propene-1-sulfonic acid)] surfaces [1]
      Bacterioplankton response to the spring bloom at 47°N, 20°W [1]
      Baggergut-Management im Hafen Rotterdam - Erfahrungen aus dem POR II-Projekt [1]
      Baicalin loaded in folate-PEG modified liposomes for enhanced stability and tumor targeting [1]
      Bakterien "fressen" Schwefelsaeure - Sanierung saurer Tagebaurestloecher in der Lausitz [1]
      Bakterioplankton: Expedition Plankton 89; Benthos 89 Reise Nr. 10, 19. Maerz - 31. August 1989 [1]