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      C-reactive protein in blood plasma and serum samples of harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) [1]
      C60 fullerene enhances cisplatin anticancer activity and overcomes tumor cell drug resistance [1]
      Ca(BH4)2 + MgH2: Desorption Reaction and Role of Mg on Its Reversibility [1]
      Ca(BH4)2–Mg2NiH4: on the pathway to a Ca(BH4)2 system with a reversible hydrogen cycle [1]
      Ca(BH4)2−MgF2 Reversible Hydrogen Storage: Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetic Properties [1]
      Ca-based micro-alloying enabling high-performance Mg anodes for aqueous batteries [1]
      Ca/In micro alloying as a novel strategy to simultaneously enhance power and energy density of primary Mg-air batteries from anode aspect [1]
      Cabauw experimental results from the project for intercomparison of landsurface parameterization schemes (PILPS) [1]
      Cactus-inspired design principles for soft robotics based on 3D printed hydrogel-elastomer systems [1]
      Caecilian jaw-closing mechanics: integrating two muscle systems [1]
      CAGW Peptide Modified Biodegradable Cationic Copolymer for Effective Gene Delivery [1]
      CAGW Peptide- and PEG-Modified Gene Carrier for Selective Gene Delivery and Promotion of Angiogenesis in HUVECs in Vivo [1]
      Caiundo - Climate [1]
      Calcification-driven CO2 emissions exceed “Blue Carbon” sequestration in a carbonate seagrass meadow [1]
      Calcite covering of sediments as a possible way of curbing bluegreen algae [1]
      Calcite incorporated in silica/collagen xerogels mediates calcium release and enhances osteoblast proliferation and differentiation [1]
      Calcium and zirconium as texture modifiers during rolling and annealing of magnesium–zinc alloys [1]
      Calcium sulfate hemihydrate is the inorganic mineral in statoliths of Scyphozoan medusae (Cnidaria) [1]
      Calculation of neutron and X-Ray scattering data from Molecular Dynamics simulations through optimal use of computation resources [2]
      Calculation of Schmid factor in Mg alloys: Influence of stress state [1]