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      Sacrificial protection of Mg-based resorbable implant alloy by magnetron sputtered Mg5Gd alloy coating: A short-term study [1]
      Safeguarding against climate change impacts [1]
      Safety Against Fracture of Block Joints Welded With Large Gaps in Shipbuilding [2]
      Safety of wet welding with increased open circuit voltages up to 150 V d.c. [1]
      Sailing into an Uncertain Future - Connecting Sailors and Scientists to Monitor the Pulse of the Changing Arctic [1]
      Salinity power: Clean energy of the future [2]
      Salinity variability in the German Bight in relation to climate variability [1]
      Salt-Dependent Phase Transition Behavior of Doubly Thermoresponsive Poly(sulfobetaine)-Based Diblock Copolymer Thin Films [1]
      Salt-Induced Shape-Memory Effect in Gelatin-Based Hydrogels [1]
      Sample based water quality monitoring of coastal seas: How significant is the information loss in patchy time series compared to continuous ones? [1]
      Sample environments for an engineering diffractometer at ESS: from robotic texture analysis to in situ friction stir welding [1]
      Sample Introduction in ICP-MS: Capillary Electrophoresis [1]
      Sample preparation (cleaning, drying, homogenization) for trace element analysis in plant matrices [1]
      Sample preparation methods for TXRF-analysis of blood, blood serum and urine [1]
      Sample pretreatment for the bioassay-directed chemical analysis of river sediments [1]
      Sample treatment for TXRF: requirements and prospects [1]
      Sampling strategies for ground-based and airborne 94/95 GHz radars [1]
      Sampling the Cu–Fe–Co phase diagram by severe plastic deformation for enhanced soft magnetic properties [1]
      Samplingstudien zu Satellitenmessungen der Strahlungsbilanz der Erde [1]
      Sanierung und Restaurierung von Seen [1]