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      VACONOCORE-Anlage zur Dampfrueckgewinnung in Tanklaegern und Verladestationen [1]
      Vaconovent - Ein System zur verbesserten Gasrueckfuehrung bei der Fahrzeugbetankung [2]
      VACONOVENT-ein System zur Emissionsreduzierung bei der Fahrzeugbetankung [1]
      Validated Particulate Sampling Workflow Applied to Offshore Wind Farm Areas in the North Sea [1]
      Validating Computer Simulations with Neutron Scattering Experiments Picosecond Dynamics of Liquid Glycerol [1]
      Validating Precipitation Estimates Simulated by the Numerical Weather Forecast Models ETA and MM5 for Use in Flood Forecasting [2]
      Validating the early corrosion sensing functionality in poly (ether imide) coatings for enhanced protection of magnesium alloy AZ31 [1]
      Validation and Intercomparison of Ocean Color Algorithms for Estimating Particulate Organic Carbon in the Oceans [1]
      Validation and intercomparison of ocean wave spectra inversion schemes using ASAR wave mode data [1]
      Validation and intercomparisons of wave measurements and models during the EuroROSE experiments [1]
      Validation of a Reaction Kinetic and Heat Balance Model for Anionic Polymerization in Batch Reactors [1]
      Validation of a regional weather forecast model with GPS data [1]
      Validation of a regional atmospheric model within Baltex using synoptical observations [1]
      Validation of a statistical-dynamical downscaling approach for wind statistics [1]
      Validation of an ocean shelf model for the prediction of mixed-layer properties in the Mediterranean Sea west of Sardinia [1]
      Validation of coastal ecosystem models with time series and remote sensing data in the German Bight [2]
      Validation of continuum simulations of materials at the mesoscopic level with X-ray and neutron diffraction with a focus on hydrogen storage materials [1]
      Validation of EGF P1-90 by an European round robin [1]
      Validation of ERS-1 synthetic aperature radar for imaging ocean waves: first results [1]
      Validation of flood risk models: Current practice and possible improvements [1]