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      Machine learning and data mining applications for identification of key dependencies across multiple scales in continuum materials mechanics [1]
      Machine Learning and Data Mining in Materials Science [1]
      Machine learning denoising of high-resolution X-ray nano­tomography data [1]
      Machine Learning in Engineering and Materials Science: On Your Marks; Get Set; ... Go!? [1]
      Machine learning models to predict myocardial infarctions from past climatic and environmental conditions [1]
      Machine Learning Regression Approaches for Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) Retrieval with S2-MSI and S3-OLCI Simulated Data [1]
      Machine learning-augmented and microspectroscopy-informed multiparametric MRI for the non-invasive prediction of articular cartilage composition [1]
      Machining of Gamma-TiAl - Possibilities and Limitations [1]
      Machining of Gamma-Titanium Aluminides [1]
      Machining of hybrid reinforced Mg-MMCs using abrasive water jetting [1]
      Macro- and micromorphological studies of the vascular structures from the Goettingen® minipig [1]
      Macro- and micromorphometric studies of the vascular structures from the Göttingen® minipig [1]
      Macroalgal habitats support a sustained flux of floating biomass but limited carbon export beyond a Greenland fjord [1]
      Macrochain Configuration, Stucture of Free Volume and Transport Properties of Poly(1-Trimethylsylyl-1-Propyne) and Poly(1-Trimethylgermyl-1-Propyne) [1]
      Macrofauna as a major driver of bentho-pelagic exchange in the southern North Sea [1]
      Macrofaunal irrigation traits enhance predictability of nutrient fluxes across the sediment-water interface [1]
      Macrophage driven degradation of electrospun PEEU fibers [1]
      Macrophage-derived oncostatin M/bone morphogenetic protein 6 in response to Mg-based materials influences pro-osteogenic activity of human umbilical cord perivascular cells [1]
      Macroscopic 3D Nanographene with Dynamically Tunable Bulk Properties [1]
      Macroscopic and Microscopic Elasticity of Heterogeneous Polymer Gels [1]