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      IAEA CRP Phase 3 test results of neutron embrittlement of pressure vessel steels [1]
      ICCS 5 - Fifth International Conference on Climate Services, Innovation in Climate Services and Capacity Building - Conference report [1]
      ICE - EUCREX: What did we achieve so far? [1]
      Ice Core Accumulation in Greenland as Described by Large-Scale Atmospheric Fields: Development of Regression Models and Estimation of "Artificial Ice Core" Accumulation from O-AGCM Output (Dissertation) [1]
      Ice floe station [1]
      ICE International Cirrus Experiment: 1989 Field Phase Report [1]
      ICE: das Internationale Cirrus-Experiment 1989; Erste Ergebnisse [1]
      ICON in Climate Limited-area Mode (ICON release version 2.6.1): a new regional climate model [1]
      ICON, an Integrated Coastal Observation Network in the German North Sea [1]
      ICOTOM 9 – TOPIC nichtmetallische Materialien [1]
      ICP-MS and hyphenated techniques for trace analysis of emerging contaminants in marine environmental samples [1]
      ICP-MS-basierte Elementanalytik zur Entwicklung neuer Probenahmetechniken für die Mikroplastikanalytik [1]
      ICP-MS/MS and LDIR as complementary technique in small micro- and nanoplastic Research - From method optimization to the study of environmentally relevant polymers as vector for trace metals [1]
      ICTS (Inter-CSE Transferability Study): An Application Of CEOP Data [2]
      ICYESS2013: Uncertainty as an example of interdisciplinary language problems [1]
      ICZM - The Way Forward [1]
      ICZM – Global to Local Scales: Managing Changes in Sea Use Across Scales: North Sea and North Sea Coast of Schleswig-Holstein [1]
      Identification and analysis of the impact of large-scale climate patterns on regional sea-level variability and trends on the coast of Ghana [1]
      Identification and description of intermetallic compounds in Mg–Si–Sr cast and heat-treated alloys [1]
      Identification and reduction of unwanted stray radiation using an energy- and position-sensitive Compton polarimeter [1]