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      FABM-NflexPD 1.0: assessing an instantaneous acclimation approach for modeling phytoplankton growth [1]
      Fabric Analyses on Natural Rock-Salt [1]
      Fabricating novel solvent-resistant nanofibers for catalytic application [1]
      Fabrication and analysis of laminin-111 Langmuir-Blodgett films with biophysical gradients for screening cellular adhesion [1]
      Fabrication and characterization of electrospun gelatin-heparin nanofibers as vascular tissue engineering [1]
      Fabrication and characterization of nanostructured hydroxyapatite coating on Mg-based alloy by high-velocity oxygen fuel spraying [1]
      Fabrication and compressive behavior of monolithic nanoporous niobium at macroscale [2]
      Fabrication and function of polymer membranes [1]
      Fabrication and Modelling of a Reservoir-Based Drug Delivery System for Customizable Release [1]
      Fabrication and Processing of Magnesium Sheets [2]
      Fabrication and quantitative analysis of laminin111 Langmuir-Blodgett film with biophysical gradients [1]
      Fabrication Composite Membrane with Functionalized Carbon Nanotube [1]
      Fabrication of a high strength Mg–11Gd–4.5Y–1Nd–1.5Zn–0.5Zr (wt%) alloy by thermomechanical treatments [1]
      Fabrication of honeycomb films from highly functional dendritic structures: electrostatic force driven immobilization of biomolecules [1]
      Fabrication of Inside-out Isoporous Hollow Fiber Membranes [1]
      Fabrication of Inside-Out Isoporous Hollow Fiber Membranes via Spinning and Coating Methods [1]
      Fabrication of magnesium alloy with high strength and heat-resistance by hot extrusion and ageing [1]
      Fabrication of membranes of polyethersulfone and poly(N‐vinyl pyrrolidone): influence of glycerol on processing and transport properties [1]
      Fabrication of Polymer Membranes [2]
      Fabrication of PU/PEGMA crosslinked hybrid scaffolds by in situ UV photopolymerization favoring human endothelial cells growth for vascular tissue engineering [1]