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      TaC Precipitation Kinetics During Cooling of Co−Re-Based Alloys [1]
      Tacrolimus-resistant SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell products to prevent and treat severe COVID-19 in immunosuppressed patients [1]
      Taetigkeitsbericht des Teilprojektes A3: Austauschvorgaenge im Sediment des Gewaessers und im Boden des Vordeichlandes [2]
      Tagungsbericht: Management of ageing of research reactors - GKSS- und IAEO-Seminar vom 7. bis 12.5.95 in Geesthacht [1]
      Tailor made POSS incorporated PEBAX nanocomposite membranes for CO2 separation [1]
      Tailor made POSS incorporated PEBAX® nanocomposite membranes for CO2 separation [1]
      Tailor-made polymer membranes [1]
      Tailor-made polymer membranes: Manufacturing, properties and application [1]
      Tailor-made Polymeric Membranes based on Segmented Block Copolymers for CO2 Separation [1]
      Tailor-made Shape-memory Polymer Networks [1]
      Tailor-Made Vinylogous Urethane Vitrimers Based on Binary and Ternary Block and Random Copolymers: An Approach toward Reprocessable Materials [1]
      Tailor-made, Degradable Polymers for Biomedical Applications [1]
      Tailored Copolymers for Innovated Membrane Applications [1]
      Tailored Pore Sizes in Integral Asymmetric Membranes Formed by Blends of Block Copolymers [1]
      Tailored Scaffolds from a Gelatin-based Polymer System: Influence of the Molecular Architecture on Material Properties [1]
      Tailoring corrosion and discharge performance of Mg anode by corrosion inhibitor [1]
      Tailoring Crosslinked Polyether Networks for Separation of CO2 from Light Gases [1]
      Tailoring Degradable Polymer Networks – From Design of Molecular Architecture to Multifunctional Degradable Biomaterials [1]
      Tailoring Degradable Polymers for Biofunctional Implants Inducing Tissue Regeneration [1]
      Tailoring Disorder and Quality of Photonic Glass Templates for Structural Coloration by Particle Charge Interactions [1]