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      A 1-Dimensional Sympagic–Pelagic–Benthic Transport Model (SPBM): Coupled Simulation of Ice, Water Column, and Sediment Biogeochemistry, Suitable for Arctic Applications [1]
      A 1200-year multiproxy record of tree growth and summer temperature at the northern pine forest limit of Europe [1]
      A 1D physical–biological model of the impact of highly intermittent phytoplankton distributions [1]
      A 4-Arm PEG-Thiodepsipeptide Precursor Enables Gelatinase-promoted Hydrogel Formation [1]
      A 40 Years Hindcast of Wind, Sea Level and Waves in European Waters [1]
      A 40-year coupled hindcast of ocean and atmosphere in the North Sea region [1]
      A 40-year high-resolution wind anf wave hindcast for the Southern North Sea [1]
      A 450-Year Perspective on California Precipitation “Flips” [1]
      A 6-axes subsea robot for diverless work [1]
      A barotropic 3-d model for the study of currents around the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsular [1]
      A basis for mapping the erodibility of tidal flats by optical remote sensing [2]
      A Bayesian approach to fit Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations to neutron and X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy data on the example of water [1]
      A Bayesian Approach to the Estimation of Parameters and Their Interdependencies in Environmental Modeling [1]
      A Bell-Jar system for in-situ measurement of material fluxes across the sediment-water interface [1]
      A biomechanical and optimality-based derivation of prey-size dependencies in planktonic prey selection and ingestion rates [1]
      A Blend of Poly(Epsilon-caprolactone) and Poly[(Epsilon-caprolactone)-co-glycolide] with Remarkable Mechanical Features and Wide Applicability as Biomaterial [2]
      A Calibration-Free Methodology to Estimate Significant Wave Height Using Time-Sequences of X-Band Marine Radar Images [2]
      A capital approach for assessing local coastal governance [1]
      A Case Study in Atmospheric Lead Pollution of North German Coastal Regions [1]
      A case study of the radiative processes and microphysics of cirrus and stratus clouds [1]